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Customer Care

Anchors & Stars was created by coin & shirt customers for . . . yes, you guessed it . . . coin & shirt customers. Not surprising and somewhat unoriginal BUT we truly started this business because there were aspects of design creation that we collectively did not like.

We believe in:

Collaborative and iterative design development

You come to us with as little or as big of an idea and we will keep you involved in every step of the design process. We truly will take you through every step; from the thoughts in your head to design approval.

Providing industry experience to advise on quality production

With over 25 years of collective experience from starting as coin & shirt creating “Good Idea Fairies” to keeping a constant pulse of current market concepts & trends; we are confident in providing experience-based advice to help you choose the best quality product. More importantly, customer service is still the basis of our business and your product goals will still be our top priority.

Not limiting ourselves to one market

Stephanie is adamant that we will not limit ourselves to only military markets. We ask that you support us by challenging us with any ideas you believe and trust us to create. In the next few years, we are looking to expand into custom woodworking & embroidery; if you are interested in joining our team, we would be pleased to begin that conversation with you.

Feel free to email us at

Anchors and Stars US use PayPal for all its transactions (e-Store or custom orders), please see the PayPal Privacy Statement for any details on your rights in regards to your personal data. Anchors and Stars US does not store any personal data, and any mailing lists me maintain are solely used but Anchors and Stars US and never shared with any third parties.

Wholesale Inquiries

At Anchors and Stars US we pride ourselves on giving you the lowest possible price for our quality products. This means that we base the price point of your order base on your job not on some set pricing sheet. In order for us to get you a quote please contact us at

Payment Methods

Payment Methods


Credit / Debit Cards
VIA: PayPal


Offline Payments via Check or Money Order (all checks must clear prior to order being started)

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